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Breckenridge Stables is different from most other stables because of the care we give our horses.
Breckenridge Stables takes pride in all our horses. We are the 3rd generation in our family to own and operate a public trail ride and sleigh ride business. Growing up with the love of horses and caring for them daily makes horses our true way of life. We offer 100 head of trail riding horses for public use. Our trails take guests through peak 9 and 10 of the 10 Mile Range in Breckenridge.

All of our horses are up to date on vaccines and wormer and are given the very best feed and grain each day.
Horses, just like people, that are given proper nutrition perform best and stay healthy.

Some of our horses are rescued and were saved from slaughter.
Horse slaughter is highly profitable in the US. We attend horse sales and find out who the slaughter buyers are and outbid them. Obviously, we can’t save all horses but in 2015 we were able to save 9. We have found that most horses going to slaughter just need someone to love and care for them. Once the horses are safely home, our experienced staff help the horses acclimate to their new home. This includes making sure they are safe and sound to be ridden.

All of our horses bear the work load evenly.
Meaning one horse is not used more than others. Most public riding stables overuse a small amount of horses. They think this saves money, but it eventually leads to skinny horses with possible sores. That is not ethical and leads to a lot of unexpected costs (vet bills). Breckenridge Stables takes the opposite approach. We have more horses than we need, simply to guarantee a horse is not overused and stays in good shape. After a horse goes on a trail ride with Breckenridge Stables, it goes into a corral where it has water and gets a break. It will only go on another trail ride after all the other horses have been ridden. There are a lot of days when a horse is only used once or not at all.

All Breckenridge Stables horses have shoes on all four feet.
We have a farrier on staff whose sole job is hoof care. If a horse throws a shoe that horse is not used until the shoe is replaced.

Every horse we own has their own tack, which is fit properly to their withers.
Every horse is built differently and it is very important for the saddle and bridle to fit correctly. It only takes one trail ride with a saddle that doesn’t fit properly to create a sore. A sore horse can’t work and won’t work until it is treated and back to full health. Proper fitting is very important.

Breckenridge Stables knows each and every one of its horses.
We know their names, personalities, who their buddies are, and even which grain they like the best. We take pride in operating a public trail ride and sleigh ride business the correct way.

From our Farrier, staff, managers and Veterinarian, we try our best to be the best. Our doors are always open. Come see for yourself!

The Bays Family — Breckenridge Stables Owners

For information, call us at (970) 453-4438 or (970) 389-1777.